METYX Brings Artistic Flair to Composites at JEC World 2018


METYX (Hall 6, J6), a leading manufacturer of high-performance glass and carbon fibre multiaxial and woven technical textiles, core & fabric kits and composites tooling, is bringing artistic flair in composites to JEC World 2018.  A stunning acrylic painted glass fibre sculpture by the contemporary Turkish artist, Bülent Sancar, titled “Spazio Blu” will be on display during the Paris show.


The composite sculptures were designed and created by Sancar using METYX’s Tool Centre production facilities located in the main factory in Manisa, Turkey. The first stage was hand sculpting the two complex, curved, elliptically shaped mould patterns (plugs) from polystyrene block.  The artist then directly applied the matrix resin and several layers of METYX’s multiaxial E-glass fabrics, building up a sufficient laminate wall thickness to provide rigidity.  The next stage was to sand and overlay the GRP laminate with a matched tooling compound and then wet sanded to a very smooth surface finish prior to priming the outer surface and applying acrylic paint to create the desired, colour and highly lustrous, flawless, surface finish.  “I knew as soon as I discovered composites that this was the right medium for me. The versatile way they can be moulded allows complete artistic freedom to create the desired shape and finish. I will definitely continue creating composite sculptures,” said Bülent Sancar.


Sancar’s sculptures have been displayed in Italy at an international art show and contemporary art gallery in Venice.  Modern art lovers attending JEC will also be able to enjoy the latest beautiful creations from this talented Turkish artist, who combines his creativity with expertise in using composite materials to manufacture his dramatic, eye catching sculptures. It is clear from the continued success Sancar is enjoying internationally with his unique sculptural art, that the use of composite materials will become increasingly popular in the art world.


During JEC World 2018, METYX will be promoting its complete range of high-performance glass and carbon fibre technical textiles, manufactured at its factories in Turkey and Hungary, including: multiaxial reinforcements, RTM reinforcements, woven reinforcements, and vacuum bagging products.  Information about METYX’s added value customer services will also be available to stand visitors: METYX’s Tooling Centre in Manisa specializes in designing and manufacturing large scale patterns and FRP moulds for marine and wind blade customers; METYX Kitting Centres, located in Manisa and the Kaposvar factory in Hungary, supply PVC, PET, balsa and PU core materials kits, as well as glass and carbon fibre reinforcement fabrics, surface veils and vacuum consumables.




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