Adapa A/S is the market leading manufacturer of reconfigurable moulds for the fabrication of curved composite elements and panels. Their adaptive mould technology has been used for a range of international projects in cooperation with architects, consultants, contractors, material suppliers and fabricators.


The adaptive mould technology is patented, and fabrication is done in Denmark under quality management system ISO9001 certification. The adaptive moulds can be used along with co-operative technologies that optimize fabrication of curved design, to empower free form design and architecture.


The different types and sizes of adaptive moulds are usually customized to fit specific project or customer demands.


Since 2010 Adapa has cooperated with a range of material and fabrication experts, to assist architects, designers, advisors, and fabricators to benefit from a mature and proven adaptive mould technology that can shape curved designs.


The adaptive mould technology is a reconfigurable tool that can be used again and again, each time in different shapes.


Compared to using traditional moulds that only produce uniform products, our adaptive moulds favor uniqueness and empower creativity.


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