Modern mass transportation needs to be fast, efficient, comfortable and safe. The lighter train carriages are, the faster a train can accelerate, move and brake. A lighter train also uses less energy per passenger distance covered. Stronger, more durable and easy to clean materials translate into lower maintenance cost over the whole life span of a train. METYX Composites understands the needs of the rail market. Therefore, it provides low component weight and high mechanical strength. In addition to the factors of weight and mechanical systems, fire protection plays a major role in the production of rail vehicles. In Europe, the qualification of components is prescribed according to fire safety standard EN ISO 45545. METYCORE FS (Fire Shield) and METYCORE MAX FS meet the fire protection requirements, reducing smoke formation in case of fire and suppressing any toxic substances.


For rail industry, METYX Composites offers composite materials such as e-glass multiaxial and woven reinforcements, carbon multiaxial and woven reinforcements, aramid multiaxial and woven reinforcements, RTM reinforcements (Metycore and Metycore Max), vacuum consumables like peel plies, breather fabric and flow mesh, services like tooling, kitting, prototyping, lab and testing along with raw materials like CFM, vacuum detectors, vacuum bagging consumables, core materials, mold releases and adhesives, RTM equipments, resins and hardeners, sheet wax products and gel coats needed in the industry.


Case Studies

  • New Metycore FS (Fire Shield) RTM Fabric Meets EN 45545 ‘Fire and Fume’ Railway Regulation