Scott Bader

Scott Bader is a multinational chemical company employing 600 people worldwide with manufacturing sites in Europe, Middle East, South Africa and has a turnover of 220 million Euros.


Scott Bader supply a diverse range of products to meet the needs of the formulator in the coatings, adhesive and the wider chemical industry.


Scott Bader manufactures a comprehensive range of Waterborne Chemistry with the Texicryl, Texicote and Polidene ranges of emulsion polymers, complimented with the solvent based coating resins ranges Crestakyd and Crestacryl.


As well as their expertise in binder technologies, they offer varying thickening solutions to modify the viscosity or flow of a formulation with their Texipol Inverse Emulsions and Texicryl Alkali Soluble Acrylics.


Product Name Product Description Brochure TDS MSDS
90 84PA Bonding Pastes
M7-05 Crestabond
M7-15 Crestabond
1152PA Crestomer
1153PA Crestomer
1196PA Crestomer
GC14PA Gelcoats
VE679PA Resin