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METYX Composites organizes and hosts its signature event, METYX Composites Summit.  METYX Composites Summit is the most comprehensive event for high-performance composites in Turkey. The Summit brings together industry leaders from across the globe to present and discuss the most innovative approaches to producing high-tech composites. A total of over 200 participants, presenters, and sponsors represented 15 different countries at previous METYX Fourth Composites Summit in October 2014. It was unique in terms of breadth of content across industries where high-end composites are employed: marine, automotive, transportation, wind energy, construction and architecture, infrastructure, sports and leisure, and others.

The format of this four-day event will be a one-day and a half of composites conference followed by a half day of an infusion workshop and two day and a half day of practical training on RTM. Participants will be able to attend one and a half, two, or all four days. The event is designed to be appropriate for newcomers to composites as well as those who required advanced techniques in order to maximize their results.

The next one will be organized  between May 23-27, 2022. For further info please click here



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