• 100 M Euros Contract for METYX Group

    100 M Euros for METYX Group from a Global Wind Blade Supplier
  • Additional manufacturing space to Manisa campus

    METYX added 16.000 m2 of covered manufacturing space to its Manisa campus
  • METYX sponsors woman volleyball team!

    METYX Hungary announces sponsorship of Kapos Sport Röplabda Kft. woman volleyball team!
  • METYX fabrics gain GRP drinking water pipe approval

    METYX glass fiber fabrics has gained accreditation for being safe to use in drinking water pipe manufacturing
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  • METYX and ADAPA collaboration in Turkey

    METYX has become a dealer of Adapa Adaptive Molds in Turkey!
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  • METYX USA is now partnering with Composite Integration

    METYX will be distributing Composite Integration processing equipments in USA!
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  • METYX and ADAPA collaboration in the US!

    METYX USA is now ADAPA Adaptive Moulds dealer in the US!
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  • METYX presents TTcare masks!

    With the ongoing pandemic in the world as METYX we aimed to produce the best quality, the most reliable and the most comfortable mask available.
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  • A fund for METYX R&D Studies

    A TUBITAK’s support to METYX, which continues its R&D studies at full speed to develop innovative products!
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  • METYX is one of “Best Managed Companies Türkiye”!

    METYX has been awarded as one of Deloitte’s “Best Managed Companies Türkiye”!
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  • METYX USA Boosts Production Capacity

    METYX, boosts its production capacity in USA
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  • METYX USA Gains ISO 9001: 2015 Certification

    METYX USA is now ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certified.
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  • HIPA support in Hungary

    METYX Secures 50% HIPA Support for a Multimillion Euro Investment Project to Expand its Hungarian Production Facilities
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    METYX Composites new corporate video has been just presented.


High-performance multiaxial reinforcements are engineered fabrics consisting of one or more layers of unidirectional fibers...


METYX Composites woven fabrics are made by interweaving continuous fiber rovings to produce biaxial fabrics that can be used...

Vacuum Bagging

METYX Composites manufactures a full range of technical fabrics that work together to optimize your vacuum bagging systems and...

Surface Veils

METYX Composites manufactures a wide range of surface veils for various applications. All of our surface veils are characterized...


Main Benefits: High drapeability - Excellent resin flow - Wide product range Custom widths...


In response to rail sector need for a new material solutions, METYX Composites R&D department has developed a new cored glass...


Main Features Engineered core sandwiched between two layers of chopped strand mat to help the resin traverse the laminate with...


TYCOR® provides designers a cost advantage compared to balsa and structural foam. The fiber-reinforced pre-form core is designed for...

Core and Fabric Kitting

A customized kit cutting service is offered from both Turkey and Hungary, for cores, fabrics and vacuum consumables. All kit ...

Tooling Centre

METYX Composites has invested in a dedicated Tooling Business Unit, located in the 23,000 sq. m ‘state-of-the-art’ production...


METYX Composites offers extensive consulting services catered to the requirements of each customer. We provide tactical solutions for...


METYX Composites offers extensive laboratory and testing services for the domestic and international composites community. Our highly...

Recent News

100 M Euros Contract for METYX Group

100 M Euros for METYX Group from a Global Wind Blade Supplier METYX supports wind turbine blade production globally with world class service and leadership in the composite materials industry. The METYX advantage is technical proficiency achieved by focusing on continuous improvements, best practice manufacturing process, high yield production capacity,

Additional manufacturing space to Manisa campus

  METYX added 16.000 m2 of covered manufacturing space to its Manisa campus In the last few months, METYX Manisa campus has grown with two additional campuses added to existing facilities. Two facilities, 10 000 m2 and 6 000 m2 respectively, will enable the company to grow its capacity and

METYX sponsors woman volleyball team in Hungary!

METYX, the leading composite material manufacturer in Kaposvar since 2013, has been always involved with the communities in which they live and work as a business philosophy and the “true North” of the organizational culture. Giving something back and help deserving people have always been a high priority, especially when