Supplier Code of Conduct


“Supplier Code of Conduct”


Metyx Group (Telateks Tekstil Ürünleri San. Ve Tic. A.Ş, Metyx Hungary Kft., Metyx USA Inc.) as the ultimate parent company, collectively referred to as the “Metyx Group” are committed to upholding the principles of compliance, integrity, and ethical conduct. They, along with their employees, are obligated to strictly adhere to the Metyx Group Code of Conduct and the relevant Metyx Guidelines. The Metyx Group places great emphasis on avoiding unethical behaviors, such as bribery, facilitating payments (payments made to expedite routine permits and services, like visa procedures, customs clearance, and security, to public officials), corruption, and misconduct. It also actively supports international efforts to combat such crimes.


Additionally, Metyx Group expects its Contractors, Suppliers, and Stakeholders (hereinafter referred to as “Suppliers”) to uphold integrity, ethical behavior, and compliance with the principles outlined in the UN Global Compact Initiative and the following standards throughout their entire business relationship:


  1. Business Integrity: Suppliers are expected to support fair competition, avoid conflicts of interest, comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and refrain from engaging in or tolerating bribery, corruption, or unethical practices.
  2. Health & Safety, Security, Quality, Environment: Suppliers should maintain a systematic approach to Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment management (e.g., following ISO 45001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, or equivalent national standards). This is designed to ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations while striving for continuous improvement.
  3. Labor and Human Rights: Suppliers must not tolerate discrimination, harassment, or retaliation. They are required to fully comply with applicable national statutes regarding working time, prohibit and refrain from using child labor, adhere to all relevant laws and regulations concerning freedom of association and collective bargaining, promote equal opportunities and equal treatment, and provide fair remuneration in line with applicable national standards.
  4. Conflict Minerals: Suppliers are expected to take necessary precautions to prevent the use of conflict minerals, which are minerals purchased by those involved in or supporting human rights violations.
  5. Social Performance: Suppliers are encouraged to respect their neighbors and make positive contributions to the communities in which they operate.
  6. Embargo and Trade Control Regulations: Suppliers must comply with national and international laws and embargoes that restrict or prohibit the import, export, or domestic trade of goods, technological processes, services, or handling of certain products, as well as capital movements and payments. All Metyx Suppliers must adhere to relevant control regulations and, if required, seek timely approval from authorities.
  7. Supply Chain: Metyx Group expects its Suppliers to ensure that their own subcontractors and suppliers also comply with the principles outlined above. Regardless of the products, services, markets, regions, or processes involved, Metyx Group assesses and evaluates Suppliers based on cost, quality, reliability, innovation, and sustainability. This includes preparing and monitoring action plans to reduce CO2 emissions and minimize the use of hazardous substances to prevent hazardous waste.

Metyx reserves its right to change or supplement the requirements of this Code of Conduct due to changes of the Metyx Compliance Program. (2023 vs 1)


Declaration of Acceptance


The Supplier herewith acknowledges that:

He/She has received, read and understood this “Code of Conduct for Contractors and Suppliers” (valid as of 08/2023) and, in addition to his other contractual obligations towards Metyx Group, hereby agrees to strictly adhere thereto.