Engineered Structures


Composite pools are becoming popular as they are quick and easy to install and cost-efficient. These pools are prefabricated on an industrial basis by molding polyester resin reinforced by a fiber glass combination. Manufacturers are widening their range by offering a variety of shapes and sizes, which it is easier to make with composites than using traditional techniques.


Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) has recently been started being used in the manufacture of waterslide attractions. The primary advantage of RTM is that it allowed the manufacturer to create each of the slide components with a shiny, smooth interior and exterior. The technique also allows for stronger yet lighter waterslides that are easier to install.


METYX Composites understands the demands. It offers composite materials such as e-glass multiaxial and woven reinforcements, carbon multiaxial and woven reinforcements, aramid multiaxial and woven reinforcements, RTM reinforcements (Metycore and Metycore Max), vacuum consumables like peel plies, breather fabric and flow mesh, services like tooling, kitting, prototyping, lab and testing along with raw materials like vacuum detectors, vacuum bagging consumables, core materials, mold releases and adhesives, RTM equipments, resins and hardeners, sheet wax products and gel coats needed in the industry.


Case Studies:

Composite Waterslides Deliver the Fun