Core and Fabric Kitting


METYX Composites® Kitting Center 


A customized kit cutting service is offered from both Turkey and Hungary, for cores, fabrics and vacuum consumables. All kit designs are fully evaluated by experienced METYX engineers, supported with CAD data, who take into account cost, quality, part geometry, mould lay-up and the manufacturing process being used.

Kits are supplied with full traceability, cut, shaped, and preformed as needed, packed and labelled according to customer specified part reference numbers and manufacturing bills of materials (BOM), to ensure shop floor accuracy, efficiency and productivity.


 Flexible, multi-site supply chain & logistics: Custom kits are supplied from our state–of-the-art’ kitting centres in Manisa, Turkey and Kaposvar, Hungary


METYX Composites Kitting Capabilities


METYX Composites has invested and is continuing to invest in ‘state-of-the-art’ 5-axis NC processing centres with the highest levels of accuracy. The kitting facilities in both centres can cost effectively machine balsa wood and all foam core materials including: PU, PET, SAN and PVC foams.


Core Material Finishing Options


  • Grooved
  • Perforated
  • Scrim fabric applied
  • Single or double contoured
  • Combinations of stated finishing options


Fabrics & Vacuum Consumable Kitting Capabilities


Both METYX Composites kitting centres are also able to accurately cut the full range of multiaxial, RTM and woven technical fabric reinforcements as well as supplying kits with vacuum consumables. CNC fabric cutting machines are capable of efficiently and cost effectively handling fabric widths up to 100 inches, which minimizes off cut scrap and reduces material costs.


Using METYX Composites kitting service, customers gain significant added value benefits compared with in-house kit cutting.


Major Features & Benefits of Using Our Kitting Services


  • Faster and easier dry lay-up in moulds using accurately pre-cut, numbered, kit parts.
  • Increased productivity, with reduced waste, overall build times and labour costs.
  • Consistent, reliable production quality, with optimized part weight and properties.
  • Kits delivered ‘just in time’ as needed, so minimizing material stock holdings.
  • Flexible, reliable, supply chain delivery service from Turkey or Hungary.
  • A prototype kit is supplied to check all parameters before production.
  • Flexible, highly responsive, fast turnaround kitting service.


Our added value custom kitting services help customers to increase productivity, minimize production waste, and reduce labour costs.


Our Custom Engineered Kitting Service Process – With our customers every step of the way


Step 1 Customer kit inquiry submitted to METYX Composites

Step 2 Review meetings with METYX engineering team to evaluate customer’s kitting needs.

Step 3 CAD based, optimized kit design developed, fully costed and submitted to customer for approval.

Step 4 On order confirmation, a prototype kit is produced and sent to the customer.

Step 5 Final approved custom kit delivered to customer


Growing with Passion & Dedication – A Winning Combination for Customers


METYX Composites is a proven customized kitting solutions partner, which has rapidly grown its customer base since it started offering a kitting service in 2012. To meet this growing demand, especially from the wind energy sector, METYX Composites has continued to expand its kitting facilities.


Please view our ktting services brochure for more information.