Sectors that had been using steel or aluminium structures, have started using composites to create a competitive advantage. No longer solely the realm of aerospace, defence and high performance yachting applications, advanced composites are finding their way onto building façades, milking platforms, surfboards, truck cabs, robotic arms, pipes and others.


The depth of expertise and experience in demanding sectors chooses METYX Composites the ideal partner for any general industrial project considering composite construction.


METYX Composites offers composite materials such as e-glass multiaxial and woven reinforcements, carbon multiaxial and woven reinforcements, aramid multiaxial and woven reinforcements, RTM reinforcements (Metycore and Metycore Max), vacuum consumables like peel plies, breather fabric and flow mesh, services like tooling, kitting, prototyping, lab and testing along with raw materials like CFM, vacuum detectors, vacuum bagging consumables, core materials, mold releases and adhesives, RTM equipments, resins and hardeners, sheet wax products and gel coats needed in the industry.


Case Studies

  • Phillips® Lightcolumn Project
  • BP® Turkey Service Stations