Combining the search for the best product and the lowest cost means that manufacturers have to show great ingenuity in providing vehicles which continue to be aesthetically pleasing, while at the same time reducing their design and manufacturing times to the minimum level possible. To fulfill these expectations, METYX Composites provides manufacturers and subcontractors suitable composite materials such as e-glass multiaxial and woven reinforcements, carbon multiaxial and woven reinforcements, aramid multiaxial and woven reinforcements, RTM reinforcements (Metycore and Metycoremax), vacuum consumables like peel plies, breather fabric and flow mesh, services like tooling, kitting, prototyping, lab and testing along with raw materials like CFM, vacuum detectors, vacuum bagging consumables, core materials, mold releases and adhesives, RTM equipments, resins and hardeners, sheet wax products and gel coats needed in the industry.


METYX´s offers a combination of simplicity with high-performance and high quality for the manufacturer.


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