Avitas Motorsport Design




Avitas Motorsport Design with Confidence Using METYX Aramid and Carbon woven fabrics.


Avitas, founded in 1969, has grown to become one of the leading Automotive & Motorsport design engineering and manufacturing companies in Turkey.  The company is based in Istanbul, where it has its R & D and engineering services teams, and a modern 12.000 m² ISO certified production plant.


In 2008, the Avitas Motorsport Business Unit was set up to design and produce unique racing cars under its own brands using the extensive in-house expertise and experience in automotive engineering design and new product development. Over the last seven years, Avitas Motorsport has successfully designed and produced five competitive models for a variety of international racing car events.


Avitas Motorsport’s most recent project success has been with its ‘SuperCar Lites’ Rallycross racing model, which has permanent four wheel drive and is powered by a rear-mid 310 BHP engine. Its space frame, roll cage and body parts need to combine high strength, stiffness and toughness with as low a weight as possible, but still keeping within the design and safety regulations stipulated for Rallycross competition vehicles.


The SuperCar Lites model is 3800mm long by 1800mm wide, with a 2489mm wheelbase, weighing only around 1100kg (including driver). To achieve the lowest weight possible, the Avitas design engineers have used a range of high performance, carbon and aramid fibre reinforced advanced composite materials for all the exterior and interior body parts, which were manufactured using woven carbon fibre and knitted aramid fibre fabrics from METYX Composites.


After completing rigorous tests during 2012, a SuperCar Lites car was professionally raced for the first time in the 2013 Global Rallycross Championship in the USA, and then in the Swedish Rallycross Championship the following year. The success of the SuperCar Lites project has encouraged international promoters and organizers from all around the world.  In 2014, SuperCar Lites became a new race class in World Rallycross Championship, now being raced thought the season in Portugal, UK, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Canada, Spain, Italy and Turkey.  Avitas are confident that SuperCar Lites has a bright future being raced all over the world in highly prestigious World and Regional Rallycross Championships.


Avitas Motorsport Director, Halid Avdagic said:  “The main body of the SuperCar Lites model has been designed as one piece, moulded using METYX Composites carbon woven fabrics. For the hood, since it needs high impact resistance, we also use a METYX aramid knitted fabric. We specify METYX Composites reinforcement fabrics for all of the composite body parts fitted in our racing cars, which have worked exceptional well under very demanding race conditions.”