As METYX Group; we leave a mark on life by adopting sustainable growth strategies in order to leave a better world to our future generations. We see social, environmental and economic issues intertwined and connected, and we give priority to the sustainability in everything we do.

Our primary responsibilities for social, environmental and economic issues and our sustainability perspective ensure both corporate and environmental/social sustainability.


  • Efficient use of natural resources and less waste
  • To improve our way of doing business for the effective use of natural resources
  • Reducing water use
  • To work in accordance with the principle of reducing waste at the source
  • Managing wastes with the principle of zero storage in nature and creating economic value with reuse, recycling
  • Working in harmony with the principle of not polluting instead of cleaning in our activities

Energy and Carbon Management

  • Fighting against global climate change
  • To reduce the emission of all greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide, sourced from our activities
  • Using renewable and efficient energy
  • To control and reduce our environmental impacts with our environmental management system

Eco Friendly Product and Services

  • Keeping in mind to offer environmentally friendly, safe, durable and of high quality while developing our products and services.
  • Addressing the effects of our products and services throughout their life cycles
  • To obtain all relevant certifications and safety details for all our products and to maintain their sustainability with care.
  • Considering biodiversity and ecosystem issues while formulating our Respect for Biodiversity – environmental strategies and designing our activities

 METYX Group and Gender Equality

Our Approach to Equal Opportunities

Social policies and practices are as central to the METYX Group’s sustainability approach as economic goals and strategic efforts to reduce the impact of its products and businesses on the environment. Gender equality is our main priority in this area.

METYX believes that a sustainable future is only possible if women actively participate in every sphere of life, especially the business world. For this reason, it is enriching its human resources policies and practices with measures that make it easier for women to participate equally and effectively in its business operations.

Therefore, the Group became a signatory to the United Nations’ “Women’s Empowerment Principles” (WEPs).