Cytec (Aerovac)


In July 2012, Umeco plc was acquired by Cytec Holdings plc. This merger brings value to their customers and the markets they serve by leveraging Cytec’s technology leadership with Umeco’s highly-responsive supply chain and application development capabilities.



Product Name Product Description Brochure TDS MSDS
Vacfilm200G Vacuum Bagging Film
Vacfilm400Y Vacuum Bagging Film
Vacfilm450V Vacuum Bagging Film
Aerofix 3 Spray adhesive
AB100 Breather
VI1 Infusion Mesh/Reusable Breather
VI2 Soft Infusion Mesh/Reusable Breather
A2000 Release Film
A5000 Release Film
A6000 Release Film
A2200 Release Film
PLUG SOC Connector-Vacuum Fittings
VBU25TP2/3 Connector-Ancillaries
LTS90B Sealant tape
SM5142 Sealant tape
Le Tape Silicone or Acrylic Adhesive
A100, AI00PS, AI00FLOGREEN Nylon Release Fabric
Capran 518 Heat Stabilised Nylon 6 Blown Tubular Film
VMS2 Resin Barrier Vacuum Line