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Finalist at ACE Awards


 An Innovation Journey That Leads To Be A Finalist At CAMX ACE Awards

METYX is proud to announce that they are the finalist at Awards for Composites Excellence (ACE) competition with Multi-Piece Tool for a Single Piece Part produced for Global Expedition Vehicles – Adventure Trucks. The vehicle will also be displayed onsite at CAMX ACE Awards Pavillion.

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Strategic partnership of Bergolin and METYX in Turkey


Increased efficiency for Turkish wind power industry

Bergolin GmbH & Co. KG, leading supplier of coating solutions for composite materials, and METYX, market leader in Turkey for composite component manufacturing products, are pleased to announce the start of a cooperation. The strategic partnership is primarily aimed at optimizing the service and efficiency of Turkish wind turbines by providing high-quality coating products. Read More


METYX Collaborates with BÜFA Composite Systems GmbH & Co. KG

Exciting News: METYX Collaborates with BÜFA Composite Systems GmbH & Co. KG to Broaden Reach in German and Swiss Market

We’re thrilled to share that we are now joining forces with BÜFA Composite Systems Germany/Switzerland to expand into the German and Swiss market.

BÜFA Germany/Switzerland will act as our local hub, stocking and offering technical assistance for our comprehensive full product range including for example METYCORE, METYCORE FS (Fire Shield), METYCORE MAX, and METYCORE MAX FS (Fire Shield) RTM glass reinforcement fabrics or our selection of E-glass, carbon fiber, hybrid multiaxial and woven fabric reinforcements, along with non-woven surface veils. The full product range will be maintained to match local demand for swift and trustworthy supply service.

BÜFA’s clientele, supplying composite parts to renowned corporations in the automotive, rail and commercial vehicle, construction, sanitary, tank and pipeline construction, boat building, and swimming pool industries, will now also have the chance to avail the exceptional value brought by METYX technical textile products, as well as core and fabric kitting and tool making services.

As a quality producer of gelcoats, topcoats, bonding paste, and other specialties, BÜFA also excels in machine and application expertise, delivering impeccable technical service in line with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. The partnership with BÜFA Germany/Switzerland aligns seamlessly with METYX reinforcements, creating a harmonious supply partner relationship. Tim Kröger (Director of BÜFA Distribution Germany/Switzerland) articulates: “The superior performance and quality of METYX products align flawlessly with our customer needs. We are eagerly looking forward to extending our cooperation with METYX in Germany.”

Bahattin Şendoğan, Sales Director (Europe) of METYX, added, “Our fruitful alliance with the BÜFA Group in the Baltic region since 2008 is now extending to BÜFA Germany, which fills us with immense joy. We are confident that this partnership will further grow in the foreseeable future, delivering extensive benefits to the local composite industry.


METYX Environmental Activity

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to each and every one of you who joined us for the Environmental Activity held at our Manisa factory on May 5th and our Tuzla factory on May 8th. Your enthusiastic participation made these events truly meaningful and impactful.

During these remarkable occasions, a total of 52 individuals volunteered their time and effort. Together, we dedicated ourselves to the task of cleaning the outdoor areas of our Manisa factory, spanning an impressive 22,000 m², as well as our Tuzla factory, covering an area of 16,966 m². The collective effort resulted in the collection of 35.3 kg of waste, marking a significant step forward in raising environmental awareness.

Moreover, we are proud to announce that our combined efforts during the event led to a reduction of carbon emissions by 5.11 m³, thus making a positive impact on the environment we all share. In addition, thanks to your contributions, we were able to preserve 2 Cedar Trees, further demonstrating our commitment to sustainability and conservation.

While celebrating these accomplishments, it is essential to remember that our ultimate goal is to prevent the generation of waste in the first place. By embracing responsible practices and taking proactive measures, we can collectively minimize our environmental footprint and create a more sustainable future.

As a token of our gratitude and recognition for your unwavering commitment to environmental consciousness, we are pleased to present you with an e-certificate. This certificate serves as a lasting memento, symbolizing your invaluable contribution to the success of our Environmental Activity. You can find a sample of the certificate by following this link: [Certificate Sample]

Once again, we express our sincere gratitude for your participation, dedication, and unwavering support in this endeavor. Together, we have made a difference and taken a step towards a greener and more sustainable world.

Thank you for being a part of this remarkable journey.





At METYX | Telateks, we proudly celebrated World Environment Day on June 5th, with a vibrant event dedicated to sustainability and raising awareness. It was an honor to come together with our dedicated employees and mark this special occasion.

Our event was filled with engaging activities and educational games focused on sustainability. We posed thought-provoking questions and rewarded participants who answered correctly with exciting prizes from our prize wheel. Among the gifts were the book “From Continuity to Sustainability” authored by our esteemed Consultant & Corporate Sustainability Ambassador, Mr. İzel Levi Coşkun, as well as succulent plants and eco-friendly canvas bags. These carefully selected gifts aimed to promote a sustainable lifestyle and equip participants with eco-conscious products for their daily lives.

Furthermore, we organized a captivating workshop where participants had the opportunity to craft their own wind turbine models. This hands-on experience highlighted the significance of wind energy and fostered a greater understanding of renewable energy sources. The workshop served as a testament to our commitment to ecological practices and our dedication to spreading environmental consciousness.

Throughout the event, we facilitated meaningful discussions among our employees, allowing them to share their experiences and exchange valuable information on sustainability-related topics. These interactions further solidified our sustainability philosophy and reinforced the understanding that each individual can make a significant contribution to an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

METYX | Telateks remains steadfast in our pursuit of environmental and sustainability values. Our World Environment Day event served as an important milestone in reaffirming these values and fostering environmental awareness among our employees. We are dedicated to continuing our efforts to create a cleaner and more sustainable world for future generations.

Together, let us shape a brighter and greener future.




100 M Euros Contract for METYX Group

100 M Euros for METYX Group from a Global Wind Blade Supplier

METYX supports wind turbine blade production globally with world class service and leadership in the composite materials industry. The METYX advantage is technical proficiency achieved by focusing on continuous improvements, best practice manufacturing process, high yield production capacity, diversified products and always seeking to exceed safety and environmental goals. Read More


Additional manufacturing space to Manisa campus


METYX added 16.000 m2 of covered manufacturing space to its Manisa campus

In the last few months, METYX Manisa campus has grown with two additional campuses added to existing facilities. Two facilities, 10 000 m2 and 6 000 m2 respectively, will enable the company to grow its capacity and increase service levels to the local and European customer base.

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METYX sponsors woman volleyball team in Hungary!

METYX, the leading composite material manufacturer in Kaposvar since 2013, has been always involved with the communities in which they live and work as a business philosophy and the “true North” of the organizational culture. Giving something back and help deserving people have always been a high priority, especially when it comes to health and well-being.  The company has sponsored many sporting clubs and acitvities over the years in Hungary, in Turkey and USA; where all the plants are located. Read More


Details of METYX Summit 2022


Don’t miss this key event highlighting the latest techniques and innovations in the composites industry with METYX Composites Summit 2022

METYX has started the countdown for the METYX Composites Summit, which will be held for the fifth time this year. The event, that gathers the composite industry, will take place in Izmir and Manisa in May 23 – 27, 2022.

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Composites for Czech s.r.o. will sell METYX products in Czech Republic


Composites for Czech s.r.o. will sell METYX products in Czech Republic

 METYX Composites has extended its global network, appointing Composites for Czech s.r.o. as its distributor for Czech Republic to improve the access, supply chain service and local technical support for composites manufacturers in the area. The complete product range of glass, carbon and aramid fibre based specialty reinforcement fabrics are all manufactured by METYX at its production facilities located in Turkey, Hungary and USA.

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