METYCORE for Commercial Vehicle Hardtops


METYCORE for Light RTM Produced Fibreglass Commercial Vehicle Hardtops


For over 40 years, The Dr. Höhn Group has served the commercial vehicle market, with its primary activity being the in-house manufacture of fibreglass (GRP) hardtops for pick-up trucks, as well as other GRP and plastic components not just for commercial vehicles, but also parts used for a variety of applications in the power, railway and shipbuilding industries.


Dr.  Höhn has a factory in Ostroda, in northern Poland, where around 200 people are currently employed. The plant manufactures in the region of 12,000 fibreglass hardtops per year, which are produced by traditional open mould GRP hand layup and the latest technology RTM Light (vacuum moulding) process.  The Polish operation also has thermoforming production facilities used for fabricating plastics parts in ABS, HIPS, PE, PP and PA.


Since 1999 the Polish factory has supplied finished parts across Europe and globally to its extensive commercial vehicle OEM customer base which includes: Nissan Europe, Mitsubishi Europe, Volkswagen AG (Premium Partner status), and Isuzu Benelux.


Light RTM is the manufacturing process used to produce the MI DC RH04 gelcoated fibreglass hardtop (for the Mitsubishi L200 pick-up truck), which is reinforced with a custom width METYCORE 450M/250PP1/450M fabric.


Metycore RTM fabrics are specified by Dr. Höhn as the preferred RTM reinforcement fabric for making high quality fibreglass hardtops due to is high  drapability, rapid resin flow, and the excellent surface finish, with no print through on the visible gelcoat surface after demoulding.