Catching the Wind in Turkey


Turkish company Avrasya Ruzgar (translated in English as Eurasia Wind) has 13 years of experience in wind turbine blade manufacturing, inspection, repair and maintenance, and composite molds and paint-coating systems. The company was recently awarded a 21.5 meter blade production as part of the prestigious National Wind Energy Systems project known as MILRES. Given the vast potential of the wind energy market in Turkey, the MILRES project, spearheaded by the Turkish Ministry of Energy, promotes the use of renewable energy sources and lays the foundation for a Turkish wind energy industry.


As a subcontractor of Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc. (TAI), Eurasia Wind collaborated with the TAI design team to develop a turbine blade suitable for wind regimes in Turkey. After completion of the aerodynamic and structural designs, Avrasya Ruzgar partnered with METYX Composites for the production of the plugs. After delivering high-gloss, ready-to-mold plugs, Avrasya Ruzgar produced the molds with infusion using METYX Composites high-performance multiaxials. The blades are now being produced at the Avrasya Ruzgar factory in Izmir, Turkey. The state-of-the-art facility has the capacity to produce blades up to 50 meters in length and to machine blade roots up to four meters in diameter. Static tests for the blades have been successfully completed, loading the blade to 110 percent maximum load.


“ We are happy to use METYX Composites multiaxials, core materials, and consumables in our project, which expressly helped us to finish the project on-time and in a cost-effective manner. ”

Bugra Akbiyik,

General Manager,

Avrasya Ruzgar