METYX Fourth Composites Summit


November 19, 2014

Istanbul, Turkey



A Dynamic, Interactive Event

Comprehensive Three-Day Event


METYX Composites® organized and hosted its signature event, METYX Composites Summit in Istanbul, Turkey, October 22-24, 2014, in conjunction with event sponsors: 3A Composites, Composite Integration, DowAksa, Duratek, Scott Bader, and Turkish Composites Manufacturers Association. The event took place at the Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Istanbul Tuzla.


Now in its fourth iteration, METYX Composites Summit is the most comprehensive event for high-performance composites in Turkey. The Summit brings together industry leaders from across the globe to present and discuss the most innovative approaches to producing high-tech composites. A total of over 200 participants, presenters, and sponsors represented 15 different countries at the event this year.


METYX Fourth Composites Summit was unique in terms of breadth of content across industries where high-end composites are employed: marine, automotive, transportation, wind energy, construction and architecture, infrastructure, sports and leisure, and others.


The format of this three-day event was a one-day composites conference followed by two days of practical training (RTM and infusion). Participants were able to attend one, two, or all three days. The event was designed to be appropriate for newcomers to composites as well as those who required advanced techniques in order to maximize their results.


Composites Conference


During the Composites Conference, attendees learned from industry experts about the latest proven production techniques via presentation of case studies and best practices. The presenters this year were all world-renowned companies and institutions: Arkema (France), Composite Integration (UK), eCon Engineering Kft. (Hungary), METYX Composites (Turkey), Onuk-BG (Turkey), Sarp Yacht (Turkey), Turkish Aerospace Industries (Turkey), and Walder Mader AG (Switzerland). Sponsors also exhibited commitment to the Turkish composites industry by showcasing their expertise and offering guidance at tradeshow-style booths during the event.


Composites Conference highlights:

• Developments in Infusion Technology

• RTM Process and Tooling Strategies

• New Materials and Processes in Thermoplastic Composites

• Structural Use of Composites in Public Transport and New Solutions

• Case Studies for High-Tech Marine Composites

• Structural Analysis of Composites

• Use of RTM Process for Aerospace Structures

• Production Technologies of Railway Composites with FST Products


RTM School and Infusion Training


Both the RTM School and Infusion Training were led by METYX Composites’ long-time partner, Composite Integration. UK-based Composite Integration is a world leader in the development of equipment for feeding resin directly into infusion processes.


The RTM School consisted of a mixture of theoretical and practical work covering the vacuum RTM process. Practical demonstrations of the process were interspersed with presentations illustrating the key process parameters, including tooling design and construction, materials, injection and vacuum equipment, and process control.


Infusion Training provided both theoretical work and hands-on practice as well. Starting with the basic principles of vacuum-bag infusion, the presentations covered the main elements of the process, including materials options, bagging techniques, and process control.


RTM School and Infusion Training highlights:

• Practical demonstrations and training in RTM and infusion

• The latest in RTM and resin infusion technology – invaluable for newcomers and experienced molders

• Theoretical training combined with practical demonstrations

• Process techniques and troubleshooting

• Case studies illustrating industrial applications

• Overview of mold design

• Overview of mold construction and mold building materials

All trainings and workshops were videotaped to help facilitate attendee learning and retention long after the event. There were also no restrictions on attendees photographing and videotaping the event.
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About METYX Composites


METYX Composites, a division of Telateks A.S., is a manufacturer of high-performance technical textiles: multiaxial reinforcements (e-glass, aramid, carbon, and hybrids), RTM reinforcements, woven reinforcements, and vacuum bagging products. Only certified raw materials are used, and all manufacturing processes strictly adhere to ISO 9001:2008 standards.


METYX Composites also offers comprehensive tooling and kitting services. METYX Composites Tooling Center specializes in composite tooling, prototyping, and pattern and plug production services. METYX Composites Kitting Center focuses on core materials kits (PVC, PET, balsa, polyurethane), as well as reinforcement and vacuum consumable kits.


All METYX Composites products are manufactured at the company’s 24,000-square-meter, state-of-the-art facilities in Turkey and 12,000-square-meter new manufacturing center in Kaposvar, Hungary.


METYX Composites also delivers extensive consulting services and technical training.


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