High-performance multiaxial reinforcements are engineered fabrics consisting of one or more layers of unidirectional fibers...


METYX Composites woven fabrics are made by interweaving continuous fiber rovings to produce biaxial fabrics that can be used...

Vacuum Bagging

METYX Composites manufactures a full range of technical fabrics that work together to optimize your vacuum bagging systems and...

Surface Veils

METYX Composites manufactures a wide range of surface veils for various applications. All of our surface veils are characterized...


Main Benefits: High drapeability - Excellent resin flow - Wide product range Custom widths...


In response to rail sector need for a new material solutions, METYX Composites R&D department has developed a new cored glass...


Main Features Engineered core sandwiched between two layers of chopped strand mat to help the resin traverse the laminate with...


TYCOR® provides designers a cost advantage compared to balsa and structural foam. The fiber-reinforced pre-form core is designed for...


“The EMAAR SQUARE project was technically very challenging. We had to work very hard and use the combined expertise of our solution partners, façade consultants and contractors to deliver what the customer wanted on time and to specification. The entire METYX team at every stage of production, from the plugs to the moulded finished parts, provided excellent support and service throughout. We really appreciated all their efforts to ensure the success of this demanding project.”

Halil Beşkardeşler
Founder of Dragos Construction Co.

“We are very happy with the technical advice, product, quality and overall service wereceive from METYX Composites, which we depend upon tosupply our yard in Istanbul. From both of METYX’s factories in Turkey we get excellent service andon-time deliveries of the different types of reinforcements, PVC foam and consumables we use in our composites production processes.”

Hakan Abay
Yacht Master and Purchasing Manager, Alen Yacht

“A strong cooperation between METYX and TPI is growing day by day, having successfully completed a number of important projects together. We have seen tangible benefits from involving METYX Composites to help us make continuous improvements in key areas such as: productivity, production quality, stock control and supply chain logistics. It helps that METYX is so local to us! We extend our thanks to the METYX team for all the valuable support we receive and the strong commitment to excellence. I am confident that our cooperation will continue to strengthen and that METYX Composites will increasingly become our key strategic partner for the supply of reinforcement fabrics and core kits”

Şenol Bircan
General Manager, TPI Turkey

“The main body of the SuperCar Lites model has been designed as one piece, moulded using METYX Composites carbon woven fabrics. For the hood, since it needs high impact resistance, we also use a METYX aramid knitted fabric. We specify METYX Composites reinforcement fabrics for all of the composite body parts fitted in our racing cars, which have worked exceptionally well under very demanding race

Halid Avdagic
Avitas Motorsport Director

“METYCORE RTM fabrics are specified by us as the preferred RTM reinforcement fabric for making high quality fibreglass hardtops due to is high drapability, rapidresin flow, and the excellent surface finish, with no print through on the visible gelcoat surface after demoulding.”

Dominika Antkowiak
DR HÖRN Technology Manager