Increasing Revenue

Increasing Revenue with RTM SKIN Technology


MVC, a division of Empresas Artecola and Marcopolo, is a Brazilian leader in the development of solutions in engineering plastics. Two years ago, the company made strategic plans to increase its revenue 300 percent in the wind energy sector by 2015 and is on target to reach this goal. Part of that revenue came from supplying 300 complete sets of nacelles (body) and windmill spinners (nose) in 2014 for the construction of new wind farms in Brazil.


The company’s robust growth in this sector is due to the development of a new technology for production of parts — RTM SKIN (Resin Transfer Molding). This method replaces the infusion process and is ideal for large parts. In RTM SKIN, a silicone skin is used as a counter mold. The injection lines are in the counter mold, which is flexible, thereby making it possible to tightly compress the compound and ensure the high glass content required for wind energy parts. The vacuum is introduced into the injection lines without using hoses, peel-ply, breather fabric, or vacuum film. The elimination of this auxiliary material yields a more sustainable alternative that reduces costs and labor. A part that previously took eight hours to manufacture by the traditional infusion process now takes just one hour to manufacture with this new method.


METYX Composites supplies the specialty multiaxial reinforcements for the nacelles in this ambitious ongoing project and is honored to help MVC as they move toward their targeted revenue goal.