METYX Fifth Composites Summit

METYX Composites Summit 2022

Conference: May 23-24, 2022 – Kaya Thermal Hotel and Convention Center (Izmir)

Workshops: May 25-26-27,  2022 – METYX-Telateks Production Site (Manisa)

To become the very best at what we do is a goal we all share. To help bring this objective to fruition, METYX Composites proudly invites you to attend its Fifth Composites Summit  between May 23-27, 2022. It is the most comprehensive event for high-performance composites in Turkey and amasses industry leaders from across the globe.


Join us to get the industry expertise and hands-on training you need for your business. 

The event includes two days of composites conference followed by a day of infusion school and two days of RTM school.

At the composite conference, the stories of the companies and industry leaders that draw attention with their global success will be as a roadmap for you, while schools are designed to provide the maximum amount of targeted content, including theory and hands-on practice. It is an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest techniques and innovations in the composites industry and get the practical training you need.

This year’s event will be jointly sponsored by METYX Composites and world renowned composites industry leaders.


Don’t miss this key event highlighting the latest techniques and innovations in the composites industry!

Join us to see these industry leaders demonstrate the latest composites techniques and discuss how advancements in the rapidly evolving composites industry can benefit you. It’s a simple, fast way to get you up and running and on your way to a competitive advantage.

The program and the details from our last Composite Summit is available for your review at here. Also, you can visit the previous summits photo gallery: METYX Fifth Composite Summit


Who Should Attend

The event is appropriate for newcomers to composites as well as those who want to enhance their current results with the latest proven industry techniques.


Composites Conference

Learn about the latest production techniques in the composites industry. Experts from various industries present case studies and best practices. The full program will be announced soon.


Infusion Training: 

Learn about the latest in infusion to enable a quick start for newcomers and advanced techniques for those with experience.

  • Practical demonstrations and training in infusion
  • See the latest in resin infusion technology – invaluable for newcomers and experienced molders
  • Theoretical training combined with practical demonstrations
  • Process techniques and troubleshooting
  • Case studies illustrating industrial applications


RTM Training: 

Learn about the latest in RTM technology to enable a quick start for newcomers and advanced techniques for those with experience.

  • Pattern design and construction (using the pre-prepared practical example)
  • Building the ‘A’ surface mould
  • Thickness-waxing and flange design
  • Use the completed ‘A’ surface moulds to demonstrate the thickness-waxing stages.
  • Building the second ‘B’ surface mould
  • Use the fully waxed moulds to show the PVA, gelcoat and start the laminating stages
  • Finishing the mould (opening, cleaning, polishing, release agent application)
  • Use the finished mould(s) to demonstrate the commissioning of a new mould
  • Mould design (injection strategies etc)
  • Materials for RTM (fibres, cores, resin, release agents etc)


About METYX Fifth Composites Summit Program:

METYX Fifth Composites Summit conference program is recently announced. Please click here for details.


METYX Fifth Composites Summit is brought to you by METYX Composites and our valued sponsors: